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How to change language in windows?

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This tutorial will explain to you how to change language in windows:

Let say you want to add a foreign language to your system, for example Greek (can be any other foreign language).

In this example your system has already 2 languages (Hebrew and English), and you want to add Greek.

Now, before adding Greek the language bar (right bottom corner) has only 2 languages:

Bottom Right Bar languages

  1. Open Control Panel by: "START -> CONTROL PANEL".
    In Control Panel window click on "Regional Setting Language" icon.

    (In Windows 7 - "Clock, Language, and Region" and "Regional Setting Language")

    Control Panel Regional Setting

  2. Click "Languages Tab", Click "Details" - to see your current system languages.

    (In Windows 7 - Click the "Keyboards and Languages" tab)

    Regional Setting Language

  3. Click "Add" to add another foreign language.

    (In Windows 7 - Under "Display language", choose a language , and click OK)

    Regional Setting Details

  4. Select the foreign language (In our example Greek) and click "OK".

  5. Now the window "Installed Services" will contain your new Greek language (in addition to Hebrew+English we have before). Click "OK" to close this window and another "OK" to close the "Regional Setting Language" window.

    Regional Setting Details After Add

  6. Your language bar (right bottom corner) should be like:

    language bar After Add

    Now you can change your language using the ALT+SHIFT, and write the new foreign language (Greek in this example):

    language Greek Example

    * With LangOver freeware you can change your language without using the ALT+SHIFT, but automatically - Download here.