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FAQ: (Frequency Asked Questions)

Q: The software is not work for me!
A: Check if the "F-LOCK" Key in your keyboard is on. If not click on the F-key and try use "F10" again. You can try change the "F10" to any key by clicking LangOver tray icon, and select Change Key.

Q: Is LangOver free to use?
A: Yes! LangOver is a freeware, you can distrubute it and use it for free. If you like LangOver, you can donate, but it is not a requirement for using this software.

Q: I want to install a new version of LangOver but I can't uninstall LangOver previous version, how can I?
A: Generally, uninstall is done by Control-Panel Add/Remove software. If for some reason you can not uninstall it, you can download this Uninstaller util (by Microsoft). After install it , select "LangOver" from the list and click "Remove". Then install the new version of LangOver.

Q: I can not see the "L" icon in task bar. When I click the L icon in desktop I got a message "LangOver is already run."
A:1. In Windows XP: go to "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\" and delete the "" folder.

In Windows 7 go to "C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\" and delete "" folder.

2. Now double click the L icon from the desktop. And follow the LangOver config screen. After that the LangOver icon will be show on the taskbar...

Q: I get a message the software requires .NET Framework.
A: Download and install microsoft .NET Frmaework 2.0 .

Q: How can I add a language to windows system?
A: You can use this "tutorial - how to change language in windows".

Q: How can I Enter the VIP area?
A: You should use the VIP code as described in this animation.